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Posted over 1 year by Jakob Gillich

We’re in Alpha: What That Means for You

Everbase is currently in alpha. Let us explain what that means for you.

Breaking Changes

GraphQL makes it very easy to improve our API by adding new types and fields without breaking existing queries. This means we do not version our API like most REST APIs do. Instead, a breaking change will happen in phases:

  1. We announce deprecation of a field
  2. You remove usages of the deprecated field
  3. After a minimum period, we remove the field

In case a field is being renamed or refactored, we will introduce the new field together with the deprecation of the old field. Other changes such as renaming of a type will not go through these phases as they have no impact on your queries.

During our alpha, this process happens over a period of at least 2 weeks. We know that this is not a lot of time, but we want to keep the ability to make improvements as we see fit and move fast. In most cases, you will have significantly more time to transition. To get notified about breaking changes, please sign up for our newsletter.

Quality Of Service

We do not keep track of your quota so we ask you to be a good citizen of the internet and use our service responsibly. We are actively monitoring the quality of service, but we’re running a fairly small operation. Just something to keep in mind.


If you have questions, join our community on Spectrum.