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Posted over 1 year by Jakob Gillich

Continents and Coordinates: Our Changes for February 2020

This is our first update, bringing you continents and city coordinates. Here is a complete list of what's new and changed:

  • Continent: new type
  • Coordinates: new type
  • City: added continent
  • City: added location
  • City: deprecated countryName
  • CityWhere: deprecated countryName
  • Country: deprecated capitalName
  • CountryWhere: deprecated capitalName
  • DNSRecords: deprecated A, added a
  • DNSRecords: deprecated AAAA, added aaaa
  • DNSRecords: deprecated MX, added mx
  • DNSRecords: deprecated CNAME, added cname
  • Query: added continents

For a schema diff, take a look at our schema repository.

This update brings us up to schema version 2.

If you run into any issues, please post on our Spectrum community.