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Everbase blends real-world datasets and utility functions into a revolutionary GraphQL API.

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What is the exchange rate from US dollars to euros?

Why Everbase

Faster Queries

Replace multiple requests with just one to our ultra-fast API that only returns what you actually need.

Faster Development

With our standardized GraphQL interface and great tooling, you will never have to debug your queries again.

Unlimited Possibilities

Our knowledge graph enables you to answer questions that traditional REST APIs never could.


Currency conversion and unit symbols

World cities and their population, time zone and country

IP address geolocation

Email provider deliverability check

Domain name lookup and web scraping

Secure random number generator



$0 / month
10k requests
Community support


$10 / month
75k requests
Standard support


$25 / month
200k requests
Standard support


$50 / month
500k requests
Standard support